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Spokane's Premier Microcement Installers

Our installations take 48-72 hours and requires little to no demolition. We bring everything to you and transform your space into to hand-troweled work of art. Every installation is unique since all 7-10 layers are installed by hand, which allow for individual touches and desires to be fulfilled. 


Microcement, a revolutionary surfacing solution, boasts exceptional quality and versatile features. Renowned for its seamless, thin-layer application, it creates a sleek, contemporary aesthetic on floors, walls, and furniture. Durable and adaptable, microcement offers high resistance to abrasion, water, and UV rays, ensuring longevity in diverse environments. Its non-porous composition renders it easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. With a spectrum of colors and textures, microcement provides a customizable, modern finish, elevating spaces with a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Experience the synergy of durability and design in every application.

Our Latest Projects

Showing one of our recent projects

Office Floor Conversion

This job is our showroom floor. It had this old, brittle LVP that was installed incorrectly so we decided to rip all of that up and make an example out of our own floor.

This floor is our Acero and Lino Baxab product. The Acero color is the larger gray side, while Lino is the smaller tan side. 

The two color meet with no transition strip or change in height. They perfectly transition into one another while remaining perfectly seamless. We did this to show that as a customer you do not need to pick just one color, just where you want the next one to start.

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